Thursday, January 30, 2014

Truth in Advertising - Page 4

I don't understand why the waitress ask what I want to drink? when they don't have it

People still buy books there..unbelievable!

Flo is Hot!

If you buy off the Dollar Menu other wise its $8.95

Worst customer service why not!

Is every Player on xbox LIVE an 8 year old KID?

But for How Long?

Go Target!

I can't hear if I don't use them.

Unless cooked in a oven, but if I had time for a oven it wouldn't be cooking a hot pocket ?!

I only eat waffles after drinking Why?

Is there really alcohol in this can of beer... really?
Steve Jobs the riches dead person that every died.


Truth in Advertising - Page 3

Yes, But whats that drug called inside of turkey?

Carry on only people

I heard they are lasting too long (sales are down)

Yes you lived this long and Now F**K it!

I thought it was great when it first came out, but then they stopped showing my Favorited Shows.

It always seemed to me like a fast food place, except not fast and really expensive.

Come on, who doesn't like boats

I think its great! I even operated on my little sister.(with their help)

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Truth in Advertising - Page 2

And the Fun continues:

Or go to Good Will and save money

This might work for Budweiser also
Notice how people that drive these seem to have a bad attitude.

 But they do delivery, just need to hire someone to put it together.

Peanut butter has risen more in price than corn!

I didn't even have the internet (no wonder I dropped out)

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Would you Buy These Products?

The Following is a series of what product ads Should say. There was a law created called "truth in advertising" but most product advertising agencies stretch and bend this law to meet their own needs.

These ads a are for amusement only and I claim no ownership.

First Burger King (although the same is true of McDonald ). What happen to "where's the beef?"

I don't think Wendys is really that much better.

 I think this is the container the police look in first everytime.

and you could say underage as well.

It has to be the best thing after a Friday night (not just for athletes)

Played this in county jail once (we all went on lock down)